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MovNat • Thu, Sep 6 at 5:30PM Instructed by Seth Budai • Plank Fitness

The MovNat system focuses on teaching the most effective, efficient and adaptable way to move. In real world scenarios in which we must move, there are numerous variables, including terrain, distance, weight, weather, surfaces, etc that increase the complexity of any movement skill that may be placed on us. MovNat aims to make us as prepared as possible to readily adapt to these variables while staying efficient and effective. The MovNat system emphasizes movement skills over conditioning, focusing on developing proper movement patterns. The MovNat training progression starts with efficiency, and as the quality of movement improves, intensity, volume, and complexity can progressively increase. Practicing these skills with progressively higher demands allows for greater and greater conditioning.

Special instructions

Class meets upstairs, and we request enrollment beforehand as space is limited.
Cancellation policy  If you won't be able to attend, please remember to cancel.
This event has ended